Well, that was a year

2020, huh? I’m writing this as Christmas has been well and truly ruined by a mixture of Covid 19 / Brexit / general political incompetence (take your pick). Which means that our annual family ghost story readings will take place over Zoom. And not only that, but we’ve all found it a bit mentally challenging to motivate ourselves to write.

My ghost story, which I’ll publish as soon as it’s written, is rather light on ghosts. In fact, it doesn’t have one at all. I’m claiming that the ghost is in the subtext, but even then it’s the cool breeze on the back of the neck that is almost instantly forgotten kind. My father is being as demure as always about his, and my brother has been working too hard to write one at all.

I don’t know how you have found lockdown, but for me it was hard to motivate myself to be as productive as all the Youtube clips and newspaper articles exhorted us to be. I did get a bit more writing done, but it was fitful rather than productive. Mostly, I’m just pleased to have survived the year; that’s a phrase that is meant a little more literally than usual. I hope that you and your families have not been too badly affected. My heartfelt condolences go out to all of those who have been, whether physically or mentally. I think we’ll be carrying the scars of this pandemic with us for a while.

2021 feels more than ever like a chance for a fresh start. I’ll try and keep this website more up to date than I have done this past year. Take care one of all, and season’s greetings to everyone, however you may be celebrating.

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