The Preston Papers

Greek playwright statuettes from the British Museum

The Preston Papers is a collection of the works of fiction, essays and other creations of the Preston family, UK

Mostly writing, but also other forms of media in response to what inspires us. Are these responses funny, clever, scary? Probably not. But you never know, we may surprise you and maybe you will find your own inspiration inside

Well, that was a year

2020, huh? I’m writing this as Christmas has been well and truly ruined by a mixture of Covid 19 / Brexit / general political incompetence (take your pick). Which means that our annual family ghost story readings will take place over Zoom. And not only that, but we’ve all found it a bit mentally challenging… Continue reading Well, that was a year

The current theme

Every quarter a new member of the family chooses a theme, and everyone responds in whatever artistic, creative way takes their fancy.

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